Simple States App Reviews

Great fun. Lots of variants.

This is one great study aid. Lots of variations: Find The State by name, nickname or capital. Also you can play Name The State by state, capital and nickname. There is also a study mode that displays the nickname, flower, bird and tree. Highly recommended!!!

Excellent App

I purchased this app to teach my boys the basics of US Geography. This app is great. In the first few weeks they have learned the states and capitals and are now working on the nicknames, birds, etc. Not only is it educational, they find it to be entertaining as well. Now, if only the developer would create a "Simple Countries" app!

great game

Fun learning The States. If you encounter problems with saving game settings or your profile, check your flash player settings (system preferences->flash player) by setting the local storage to "Allow sites to save information on this computer".

Nice Application.

This will help my daughter learn where all the states are located and the capitals of each state money well spent thank you.

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